PET/BOPP/MPET film paper water-based dry lamination adhesive

                  Water Based Dry Lamination Adhesive For PET/ BOPP/ MPET Film To Paper 1, Brief introduction:It is a water based acrylic emulsion adhesive with mono-component, eco-friendly, solvent-free glue for lamination, it is much betterthan solvent based glue, wit

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                  Water Based Dry Lamination Adhesive For PET/ BOPP/ MPET Film To Paper
1, Brief introduction:

It is a water based acrylic emulsion adhesive with mono-componenteco-friendly, solvent-free glue for lamination, it is much better
than solvent based glue, with the features of good for human healthy, safety while use, easy clean the lamination machine,
good binding strength etc...

2, Advantage:

1, Can add water to reduce the lamination cost;
2, Superior gloss and better ink transfer, paper tear and superior bonding strength. 
3, Retain good bond at lower temperatures. ü 
4, Advantages to Carton/Packaging industry with cold/room temperature lamination process. 
5, Eco-friendly, solvent-free.

4, Specification Data sheet: 
Type                                     Features                        Technical Parameter
C40A1, Lowest cost
2, Can add 100%-160% water
  ( Solid Content 20-15%, Viscosity 40-80sec.)
3, no powder cover ability

Appearance: Milky white emulsion
Solid Content: 40%±2
PH value: 5.5-7.5
C40B1, Lower Cost  
2, Can add 60%-100% water
  ( Solid Content 25-20%,Viscosity 60-100sec. )
3, weak powder cover ability
Appearance: Milky white emulsion
Solid content: 40%±2
PH value: 5.5-7.5
C50A1, Lower cost
2, Can add 40%-50% water
  ( Solid Content 35-30%,Viscosity 60-120sec. )
3, good powder cover ability
Appearance: Milky white emulsion
Solid content: 50%±2
PH value: 5.5-7.5
C50B1, Execellent lamination property
2, Can add 20%-40% water
  ( Solid Content 42-35%,Viscosity 120-180sec. )
3, better powder cover property
Appearance: Milky white emulsion
Solid content: 50%±2
PH value: 5.5-7.5
C421, Execellent lamination property
2, Can add 10%-30% water
3, better powder cover property
4, can use directly without adding water
Appearance: Milky white emulsion
Solid content: 42%±2
PH value: 5.5-7.5
Customized gradeSolid content can be adjusted as per your request from 20% to 45% 

5, Application:

For laminate/bond plastic film like PET, BOPP, MPET to paper, paper board, duplex board.
Suit for manual, Semi-Auto and Automatic machines.
Components: Acrylate copolymer
NOTE: use for room temperature seal/bond without heating.

Water Based Dry Lamination Adhesive for Pet/ BOPP/ MPET Film to Paper


6, Applying process and precautions:

1, Avoid exposure the adhesive in the sun in summmer season and keep in cool place, in particular above 0ºC in winter.  
If adhesive was freezed, don't heat it up at once and should place it in room with temperature above 5ºC to make it melt slowly.
If no layer separation phenomenon after melting, filter with 100 mesh screen.

2, after open the drum/bag, seal the bag if cannot use it out shortly.

3, cannot mix our adhesive with products, to avoid other chemical reaction. 
4, if you want to add pure/clean water, the quantity of water added must be as per our suggestion.
5, laminate film only after the printing ink on paper was dry completely. 
6, clean the roller and adhesive tank before production, to avoid any adhesive skin and impurity come inside.
7, Corona value on BOPP film surface must be above 39 dyne. 
8, Adhesive consumption depends on papaer, ink and film. 
9, after spray powder on printing products, rub powder before laminated film. 
10, while change film roll or paper, cannot wait too long to avoid adhesive on roller is dry. 
11, put the laminated paper in dry place, untill it is transparent not white, then continue further process. 
12, please test it, if you change printed paper or film, then start mass production. 

7, Packing:

(1), 25kgs or 50kgs/Plastic drum, 20000kgs/20'GP
(2) 200kgs/drum,16000kgs/20'GP

8, Our Company information

Anhui Elite Industrial Co.,LTD was established in 2007, has become one of the leading and professional
suppliers of all kinds of Water Based Laminating Adhesive in the world market.

Our Product were widely used laminate plastic film like PET, BOPP, MPET to paper and exported to more than
30 countries, Such as Syria, Laos,Vietnam,Indonesia,Saudi,Thailand,Cambodia,Malaysia,Philippines,India, Africa etc.

Our Company Advantage:

1, Has a professional research center and dozens of R & D team

★More than 30 modern production bases
★ Profession R&D team, strong R&D ability
★ Advanced research equipment and strong comprehensive strength have laid solid foundation for enterprise's development.

2, And colleges and universities to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation

★The company has introduced the most cutting-edge scientific research achievements
★At present, it has established long-term and stable cooperation relations with Beijing University of Chemical Technology
★the company mainly engages in developing water-based environmentally-friendly emulsion-polymerized products

3, Sales service network all over the country, Southeast Asia, to provide you with personal service

★The company has made remarkable achievements in polymer emulsion materials in domestic market
★it is highly praised by clients.
★Meanwhile, the company is positively developing international markets, and our products are exported to
Southeast Asia, European and American markets.

Our Mainly Product and Production Capacity as below:

                              Main Item                                            Capacity/Annual
        Water Based Cold laminating adhesive                                             15000mts
         Water Based Dry laminating adhesive                                             15000mts
      Water Based Laser Film laminating adhesive                                               3000mts
        Water Based Sealing laminating adhesive                                               3000mts
           Water Based protective film adhesive                                               3000mts
                Water Based Gift Box adhesive                                               3000mts

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